Cancer and Cancer Cells That Come Alive After Grief or Stress

I often think of the wife of Dana Reeve the wife of Christopher Reeve, who in May 1995 had a horrible accident while riding a horse, followed by 10 years of misery totally unable to move. He was an inspiration to everyone but what he went through was far beyond we have ever seen any […]

Job Career Planning – What Interests You?

One important step or factor in defining your ideal career is identifying your interests. Research has found that: Your interests are an important source of information to use in exploring career options. You are more likely to be interested in things you are good at, you enjoy doing, or that are important to you. Your […]

How a Denied Disability Lawyer Can Assist You

One of the most frustrating situations for a client with disability insurance occurs when you have to access the insurance you have paid into, often for years, and you are denied the support you are owed, the support you anticipated having available should the worst happen. There are so many loops to jump through to […]

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wrongful death refers to a lawsuit which alleges that the victim was killed as a consequence of negligence or misdeed of another. Usually, wrongful death occurs as a result of personal injury accidents, medical malpractice, auto accidents, workplace accidents, dangerous or defective products, mesothelioma and other accidents. When the proximate cause of the wrongful death […]

Buy a Surety Bond

Types of Surety bonds Title Bonds Sales Tax DMEPOS (medicare) License & Permit Public Official Probate and Other Court Bonds Miscellaneous Surety Bonds Contract Performance Bonds Dealer Bonds License & Permit License bonds guarantee the Principal will comply with applicable codes and regulations established by the Obligee. (The Obligee is usually a government entity such […]

The Insurance Science of Disability

If you are young and healthy, you probably have given little thought to the notion of disability insurance. Most employees in this age-range may even scoff it off as negligible in view of their youth. “Disability insurance? “Compensation if I become unable to work?” they may exclaim. “Why, this is coverage that I do not […]

High Paying AdSense Keywords Exposed

When you are dealing with AdSense, one must always remember to check for the right keywords and niche to maximize your profits. If you are dealing with the wrong keywords, then you are going to earn a lot less in your AdSense check. The amount of clicks that you get from your effort and traffic […]

A Promissory Note Trap-Lending Without Understanding Is Costly

The Story Names and locations have been changed to protect privacy. The widow, Paula Raymond, was 84 years old and feeling the effects of aging. She had been living alone after the death of her husband in 2009. She lived in the same 60-year-old house they bought 55 years ago, in 1954. The house had […]

Bundling Medical Insurance Codes – Stop Loosing Money To "Bundled" Medical Insurance Claims

What exactly is “bundling” anyway? It is when an insurance carrier combines two or more CPT codes, substituting one overarching code, often ignoring modifiers along the way. This practice can cut down on your receivables. When codes are bundled, the codes are grouped together and the insurance carrier will only allow the fee schedule allowance […]

What is Mesothelioma?

Pleural mesothelioma is one of the most common types of lung cancer and is usually brought on by exposure to asbestos. When asbestos is inhaled, the micro fibers pass down the airways and become embedded in the pleura ( the thin outer lining of the lungs). This induces serious scarring and chronic inflammatory lesions on […]